On the hurdy gurdy and beyond!

photo: Lili Marsans
My full name is Marc Egea i Ger. I'm musician, composer and occasional writer. I was born in Barcelona. I have studied flabiol, guitar, hurdy gurdy, musical harmony and even philosophy. Mainly I play the hurdy gurdy but also the tabor & pipe and the taragot of Transilvania. I began my career as a professional musician in 1990 with the trio “Musics de Safeu” and later with the folk band “El Pont d'Arcalís”. Since 2005 I have been a freelance musician and I played with numerous bands and artists from many countries in many different musical styles. I was co-founder member of bands like “Kaulakau”, “Maram Trio”, “Dindùn”, “Alenky” amongst others. In addition I'm continuing to develop my creativity as a musician, composing and performing in the fields of dance, theatre and poetry recitals. I have performed on stages across worldwide. Furthermore it is rumoured that I played in the controversial and polemic group “Electrosonic Monk”, but this is something I have continually denied. I have recorded more than thirty albums, both as soloist and with various bands and artists. I have composed of several works for brass ensemble, cobla (Catalan Ensemble), symphonic band, chamber music, choral, electronic music, etc. I'm the author of the method for hurdy-gurdy Iniciació a la viola de roda (DINSIC, 2008). In addition to working on the projects that appears on this website, I'm currently professor of tabor and pipe at the Escola de Música d’Arenys de Mar and I'm the conductor of the two big bands “Orquestrina Synerenca” and the “Big Bang Valona”.