Have a look at some works that I have composed:
I for string quartet
CLINAMENA for hurdy-gurdy solo
EVENT HORIZON for hurdy gurdy solo
GEOSCOPI for tenora and pipe organ
GETOLIMS for violin, cello, electric bass, vibraphone and percussion
HYPATIA for brass quintet
HYPPO THE CAT for 4 flutes
IN 14 CHAPTERS for clarinet, cello and piano
IT’S REALLY NECESSARY for 2 lire organizzate, 2 violins, 2 violas, cello, double-bass and 2 horns
KAULAKAU for large ensemble
KONBETO-SAN for flute, string trio and hurdy gurdy
L'ATALANTE for hurdy gurdy and cobla
NOVA for hurdy gurdy solo
TAFA ATAF FATA AFAT for 3 fiscorns
THE VIRTUOS MASTER for hurdy gurdy and duduk