Photo: Armando Neves
The music, philosophy and dramatic idea underlying this concert-performance are related to the play on words implied by its polysemic title. As phonetic good fortune would have it, in Spanish recuerdos, acordes and all kinds of cuerdas (memories, chords/cords/ropes/strings) agree (se pongan de acuerdo), remember/harmonise (‹se acorden›), become in tune and attuned. The heart cor-cordis/corazón, the place where Classical latin authors believed ideas, feelings, memories and talent resided is the root from which aCuerdas emerges to wander among the memories of these two archaic instruments. Their vocal chords and strings interweave sons, boleros and blues in the style of whales with old airs from Castile, Azerbaijan and ancient Japan.

The voice and hurdy gurdy nomadic instruments freed/redeemed and reinvented through Orients and Occidents, through genres, styles, ancestral oralities and age-old traditions transform all this baggage into something that is finally new and resolutely avant-garde, offering us an other taste, other way of listening... of feeling. These unclassifiable musicians make daring associations between popular and experimental music and thus contribute to subvert and enrich the listening of the initiated and uninitiated alike. This is why their music, while surprising, seems familiar; it touches, dazzles and excites us.

The extended technique applied to the hurdy gurdy and voice in aCuerdas blurs the borders between composition, improvisation and experimentation. While Fátima Miranda’s voice, closely tied to deep registers from antiquity, and research have led her to discover more and more Voices of the Voice and cover a range of over four octaves, Marc Egea's hurdy gurdy comes out of its historic refuge as an accompanying instrument, flying in the face of its thousand-year existence to bring forth sounds never before heard.

As is characteristic of Miranda’s poetics, aCuerdas creates successive ritual, intimate, melancholic, cheerful and crazy atmospheres, harmonising the everyday and the sublime, the sacred and the profane, with a subtle, healthy, transgressive sense of humour.

One can be sure that the music of this uchronic duo will amaze and never leave you indifferent.


Fátima Miranda: voice and musical compositions
Marc Egea: hurdy gurdy, flabiol, duduk, percussions and musical compositions
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