Photo: Pere Roig
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) was an English priest, mathematician, photographer and writer who went down in history especially by his well-known novel Alice in Wonderland. Because of the success he gained from the publication of this book, he wrote a second part called Alice Through the Looking Glass.
Marc Egea, inspired by the reading of Alice Through the Looking Glass, has written 16 pieces of music that are live performed by the Alenky quartet (named in tribute to Jan Švankmajer’s film entitled Alenky, based on Alice in Wonderland).
There is no specific musical style that defines the music played by Alenky, but you can find elements of folk, jazz, rock and free improvisation.
Marc Egea: hurdy gurdy and compositions
Manu Sabaté: gralla and bass clarinet
Joan Antoni Pich: cello
Pep Mula: drums
Marc Egea
Phone: +34 679 384 938
Email: marcegea [ad]