Photo: Estel Cusachs
We know many songs from our land, Catalunya. They are part of our imagination. We learned them from a very young age. Maybe our grandmother even sang them to us. These are manifestations of oral culture that has been lost in the magma of our technological and global civilization. However, this memory lingers in us and that is why it is not at all difficult for us to sing them.

But if we pull the strings, we realize that there are many elements in common between the songs of our land and those of some parts of Europe. Themes, worries, passions are often repeated. And that’s why we want to include songs from Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, etc. in our repertoire, including (why not?) some Schubert songs. Because they also resonate with us and we feel them close to us.

And we like to share them as if we were telling a journey. In an intimate place where there are not many distances between you and us. We like to sing and play outdoors, whenever possible, and move to bring communication closer. After all, we would like these tunes to resonate with you as they resonate with us.
Josep Maria Grima: chant
Marc Egea: voice, hurdy gurdy, tabor & pipe
Josep Maria Grima
Tel.: +34 629 559 104
Correu: josepm [ad] grimacusachs.ca